What to Look for When Choosing the Best Toilet Auger

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Everything You Need to Know About Toilet Augers

Toilet clogs are a common and frustrating problem that many homeowners face. When a plunger fails to unclog the toilet, it's time to bring out the heavy-duty equipment: a toilet auger. In this article, we will explore what a toilet auger is, the different types available, the features to consider when purchasing one, the top-rated toilet augers on the market, how to use a toilet auger effectively, and tips for maintaining your toilet auger.

A toilet auger is a handy tool specifically designed to unclog toilets. It consists of a long, flexible cable with a coiled end and a handle at the other end. The cable is inserted into the toilet bowl and rotated, allowing the coiled end to break apart and remove the clog. Toilet augers are highly effective at clearing stubborn clogs that cannot be resolved with a plunger.

For those dealing with persistent clogs, finding the best toilet auger can be a game-changer for your plumbing needs.

Types of Toilet Augers

There are several types of toilet augers available on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits.

Manual Toilet Augers

Manual toilet augers are the most common type and are operated manually by the user. They feature a handle that allows users to rotate the cable. These augers are versatile and suitable for most toilet clogs. They are also affordable and easy to use.

Features to Consider

When choosing a toilet auger, there are several important features to consider:

- Cable length: Ensure the cable is long enough to reach the clog without difficulty.

- Cable material: Opt for a high-quality, durable cable that won't break or kink easily.

- Handle design: Look for a comfortable handle with a good grip for easy maneuverability.

- Durability: Choose a toilet auger made from sturdy materials that can withstand frequent use.

- Compatibility with different toilet types: Check if the auger is suitable for your specific toilet model.

Top-Rated Toilet Augers

1. The XYZ Toilet Auger: This heavy-duty auger features a long cable for deep clogs and a comfortable grip handle. It is highly rated for its effectiveness and durability.

2. The ABC Electric Toilet Auger: This electric auger takes the manual labor out of unclogging toilets. It has a powerful motor and a retractable cable for easy storage.

3. The PQR Flange Plunger Toilet Auger: This auger is specifically designed to tackle clogs caused by stubborn flange build-up. It has a unique flange plunger attachment for added effectiveness.

How to Use a Toilet Auger

Step 1: Examine the clog: Before using a toilet auger, visually inspect the clog to determine its location and severity.

Step 2: Prep the auger: Put on gloves and position the auger near the toilet bowl, ensuring that the coiled end is facing the drain.

Step 3: Insert the auger into the toilet: Carefully insert the auger's coiled end into the toilet drain until you feel resistance.

Step 4: Rotate and push: Hold the handle firmly and rotate it in a clockwise motion while applying gentle pressure to push the auger further into the drain.

Step 5: Remove the auger and flush: Once the clog is cleared, carefully remove the auger from the drain and flush the toilet to ensure proper drainage.

Tips for Maintaining Your Toilet Auger

Clean after each use: After using the toilet auger, clean the cable and handle thoroughly to remove any debris or residue.

Store in a dry place: Moisture can cause damage to the auger, so make sure to store it in a dry area to prevent rust or corrosion.

Inspect for any damages: Regularly check the cable and handle for any signs of wear or damage. Replace any worn-out parts immediately.

Replace worn-out parts: If any parts of the toilet auger become damaged or worn-out, replace them promptly to ensure optimal performance and safety.